2020 Black Friday Deals On 5 Popular Eco Kitchen Products

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Are you looking to make the most of Black Friday this weekend? We don't blame you!

Black Friday is now a hallmark for most companies, ensuring rapid turnover before the final Christmas rush. For the Average Jane & Joe, however, Black Friday can be rife with tough decisions - do you spend the money now to save money over time, or do you wait and spend more money later?

What's more - Black Friday has some negative environmental costs, as many impulse-buys will inevitably end up in landfill.

In light of this, FoodCycler wanted to offer our cherished audience an opportunity to shop ethically this season - keep reading for our top five picks for eco kitchen products that are being discounted this BFCM weekend!

FoodCycler FC-50

Thursday November 26th - Monday November 30th

FoodCycler is available for an incredible 100$ OFF through Vitamix. If you’ve been eyeing this product, now is the time to buy! You won’t get a better deal than this!

Included in the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 starter-pack is the unit itself, 4 months’ supply of carbon filters, one black grinding bucket and an odor-wicking bucket lid for food waste storage between cycles.

FoodCycler is great for:

-foodies, chefs and bakers who want to make a positive impact and reduce their carbon footprint

-busy homeowners who are sick to death of fruit flies and a smelly garbage

-parents or teachers hoping to teach their kids about the wonders of gardening and waste recycling

-urbanites without sufficient space for a compost pile or tumbler