7 Things To Do With Your Old Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is famous for three things: costumes, candy – and PUMPKINS! Even though the pandemic might be cramping your style in the trick-or-treating department, you can still celebrate the spookiest of holidays by decorating with the eponymous jack-o-lantern.

But what happens to your glowy orange pals after the last trick has been treated and the last costume folded up for yet another year?

This blog post will show you some eco-friendly cheat-codes for dealing with pumpkin waste and making your Halloween celebration free of food waste.

1. Eat ‘em!

Instead of throwing away your pumpkin’s natural “purée”, use this naturally delicious ingredient in your favourite fall-friendly recipes!

Dessert Ideas:

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin-Spice Latte

Roasted pumpkin seed snacks

Pumpkin “leather” (like fruit roll-ups)

Thai pumpkin soup

Pumpkin powder

2. Make dog treats out of ‘em!

Pumpkin is a healthful dog treat that your pupper will love (well after trick-or-tr