Adding Your FoodCycler Fertilizer To Your Garden: 5 Methods

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

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The Bin Method

The Layered Bed Method

The Pile-As-You-Go Method

The Buried Method

It's gardening o'clock friends! That means that the sun is shining (or should be soon), the weather is warming up, and the last frost is either fast approaching, or has come and gone - YAY!

It also means that you probably have quite the storehouse of foodilizer just waiting for its time time in the sun.

Here are five methods to incorporate your foodilizer into your garden soil:

Hey... what's foodilizer? Read me to find out!

The Bin Method

Indoor garden | Outdoor garden

Benefits of this method:

  • you can be sure that the amount of foodilizer to soil is close to exact

  • the best and likely the only method for indoor gardeners

  • you can contain results within a bin - if a mistake is made, you can empty the bin and try again later

  • you can continue to mix the foodilizer-soil mixture after you've added them together

Six weeks before you plan on using the soil in your indoor or outdoor garden, add your foodilizer to your soil at a minimum ratio of 10 parts soil to 1 part foodilizer. You can do this by measuring out 1 cup of foodilizer, adding to the bin and then measuring 10 cups of soil and adding to the bin. You'll want to mix up the soil with each layer of foodilizer-soil.

If you have a lot of foodilizer and a lot of soil, you can use a bucket to measure everything out.

If you have a tumbler compost bin, or even just a round plastic bin, this process is even easier! Add the same ratio into your tumbler, spinning it intermittently, or once very thoroughly after you've finished adding your foodilizer and soil.

You're done! Now you can just hurry up and wait for a few weeks (for best results, we rec