An Eco-Friendly Black Friday - Does It Exist & How Do I Do It?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Black Friday is often thought of as damaging to the environment - and that assumption is not wrong. 

A lot of items end up in the landfill following a big Black Friday blowout, among these electronics, clothes and plastic packaging are the worst culprits.

Not to mention to greenhouse gasses generated during the manufacturing process of these hot-topic buys. 

So, in light of this holiday being unavoidable, and our understanding that folks want to get the most bang for their buck, our question is: how can you, as an eco-friendly consumer, make the most of Black Friday deals?

Step One: Consider What You Have To Begin With

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Unless you’re a total shopaholic - no judgment - you’re probably aware of the difference between a need and a want. With a quick inventory 

In case you’re unsure at the time of buying, ask these questions before clicking that sexy Buy button:

Do you have something you can use now instead of buying something new? 

Do you have an item in your home that can sub for something that you want? What are the costs (both time and money) 

Can I make something instead of buying it? 

If you’re even the slightest bit crafty, then a quick search through Pinterest will give you hundreds of options to upcycle and reuse an existing item in your home for that Wish List item you’ve been eyeing. 

Step Two: Know What You’re Buying and Who You’re Buying It From<