Aquaponics In A Backyard Pond

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

About the Author:

Hi, I'm Anne Thynne. Not the famous marine biologist but I love the fact that we both share a common interest. I have been keeping fish in aquariums since my childhood. Back in 2007, I was introduced with the amazing world of aquascaping and reef keeping. It still fascinates me.

Having a pond in your backyard is cool, but you know what is cooler? Making something out of it! What if I told you that you can grow food in that beautiful pond of yours?

Through the smart application of aquaponics, you can use your pond's natural environment to grow vegetables without any external application of water or fertilizers. Additionally, the fish in an aquaponic pond ensure a stable nutrient supply cycle.

This way, your beautiful pond, which you invested a fair amount of time and money into, can provide something in return, not only economically but also for the welfare of the environment.

What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a sustainable farming activity that enables one to grow fishes and plants together in one system. The fundamental principle here is, the fish and the plants will live symbiotically with the help of beneficial bacteria if needed. Fish feces become fertilizer for plants, and plants keep the water clean for the fish.

Growing provisions on a body of water is not an innovation per se, but a tactic that has been employed far back even in the Aztec era. They used to have peninsulas where they grew beans, corn, tomatoes, etc. A modern example would be Iraq, where the Arabs grow food on rafts.

The Benefits of Aquaponics

Aquaponics allows an ecosystem to be ruled by the aquatic environment. An environment like that has no lacking of moisture and nutrients. Ultimately, the cooperative relationship of the fish and plants is an ideal one where both cover each other’s needs.

Below we will discuss more what you can benefit from an aquaponic pond: