Let's Compost TODAY: 5 Easy Steps for Going Green In 2020

This article is written for the soft-core gardener looking to keep it small and simple. Follow these steps to get started composting today.

First Things First: What Is Composting?

Food Cycler, compost definition

Composting is essentially taking food scraps and, with patience and a bit of elbow grease, transforming it into a nutrient-dense addition to your garden.

Now, you may have been turned off by avid gardeners touting the importance of aerobic decomposition, NPK levels and the dangers of too much nitrogen, but we’re here to tell you that composting doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. Composting is EASY.

If you’re wondering, “is it worth it?” the answer is YES! Composting is IMPORTANT. For our health, the soil’s health, and our environment. So read on!

Step 1: The Container

Food Cycler, easy compost bucket, compost bin

Literally buy a binJust do it. Go to a hardware store a grab a bin from the shelf and pay for it.