The FoodCycler Do's & Don'ts: An Infographic Guide

Why is the FoodCycler awesome?

Well, it can take just about anything, anywhere at any time - and turn it into a gorgeous nutrient-dense fertilizer which can be stored indefinitely, contains a nitrogen-rich NPK ratio and has proven benefits for your garden soil (and plants).

There are, however, certain limitations to what the FoodCycler can and cannot handle. This article and infographic will walk you through the Do's & Don'ts of FoodCycling.

A healthy balance

A healthy balance needs to be struck when FoodCycling - just as in any other part of your life! The FoodCycler can process just about anything: but the best results will come from a cycle that is balanced with a high ratio of veggie and fruit scrap, egg shells or coffee grinds.

These materials in particular are helpful to the cycle, as they absorb moisture and provide some "grit" to the food materials which will keep your cycle from caking onto the sides of the bucket.

That's why - even though the FoodCycler is intended for food items first and foremost - we mention small amounts of paper towel. Easily decomposable paper products will not dehydrate further in the FoodCycler, but they will absorb excess moisture.

So, if you have an excess of moisture or oily foods, and not enough absorbent materials to balance them, you can try cutting up a single strip of paper towel into small pieces.

Your best bet though, diet-depending, is to regularly incorporate coffee grinds, citrus peels and/or egg shells to keep your cycles consistently smooth.

Why can't I put tons of starches or sugary fruits in one cycle?

The FoodCycler is one hard worker! That being said, some things will put undue stress on the gears, which may shorten the life of your bucket.

Cycles with a lot of bread, pasta, rice and/or cake (for example) may weigh heavily on the bucket gears and cause a jam. Combine these items with moisture-rich/sugar-rich materials, and you may have a very tough-to-remove jam on your hands!

Why can't I put lots of nut butters or spreads/ sauces in the cycle?