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The easy alternative to composting 


Your indoor food waste recycler.

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Easy As 1-2-3


Add food scraps to bucket.


Place bucket in unit.


Press start.

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From food waste to fertilizer in hours

The FoodCycler™ reduces the weight and volume of food waste by 90% - creating a sterile, odorless, and nutrient-rich soil amendment for your plants or garden.

Aerial Photo of a City

Municipal Solutions

FoodCycler™ for communities of any size.

Commercial Solutions

High-volume FoodCyclers™ for high-volume food waste generators.



I've used the FoodCycler™ at least every other day since its arrival. It's amazing. It does exactly what you said it will do. It's efficient, leaves no odors at all, and creates a garden ready fertilizer that is dry, clean and even looks good!!

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Starve the landfill. Feed the Earth.