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Let us invest in your community​.

As a semi-finalist in Impact Canada's Waste Reduction Challenge, FoodCycler has the opportunity to support communities across Canada in their waste diversion goals. 


Pilot FoodCycler on-site food waste diversion technology in your community and make the most of this funding opportunity.

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FoodCycler on-site waste diversion:

Reduces food waste by up to


Reduces greenhouse gases from food waste by up to


Reduces overall household waste by up to


The Impact Canada Waste Reduction Challenge

The Challenge is a three-part initiative from the Government of Canada to incentivize the reduction of Canada's food waste. As Challenge semi-finalists, FoodCycler has committed to offering select northern, remote Canadian municipalities the opportunity to pilot our food waste recyclers at a heavily subsidized cost.

The FoodCycler Pilot Programs allow underserved communities to trial on-site waste diversion as a method of lowering their carbon footprint and extending the lifespan of their landfill.

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The FoodCycler Impact

FoodCycler waste diversion technology offers >95% reduction in CO2E compared to sending food waste to landfill. In areas with renewable energy, FoodCycler actually generates less CO2 than a backyard composter. 

By reducing food waste on-site, overall waste volume can be halved: this reduces the need for frequent collection, which further reduces cost to the municipality and transportation emissions. 


Our Partners

Multiple Canadian municipalities have already taken advantage of this incredible opportunity.

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Hornepayne, ON​


Hornepayne is set to launch their Pilot program August 1st, with 100 participants.

Killarney, ON​


Killarney is set to launch their Pilot program August 1st, with 36 participants.


Nelson, BC​


The City of Nelson has successfully run two full pilot programs, with a total 250 participants. A full roll-out program is in the works. 

View Media


South Glengarry, ON​


South Glengarry Township is set to launch their Pilot program August 1st, with 100 participants. Read the press release here!


Algonquin Highlands, ON​


Algonquin Highlands is set to launch their Pilot program August 1st, with 100 participants.

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Hay River, NT

Hay River will begin its 100 participant pilot Summer 2021. View Media

Nelson, BC

The first FoodCycler Municipal partner, Nelson (British Columbia) successfully launched and ran two FoodCycler Pilot Programs in 2020 with an average participant rating of 4.5/5 stars.

"We bought into this program, and I’m actually astounded by what it can do. What I love most about the FoodCycler is it gets you refocused on taking care of your own waste at home. I believe that going forward we'll see a waste system that puts the onus back on the producer and consumer to deal with their own waste rather than spending millions on infrastructure. I believe we have an opportunity through this tiny little machine here to work towards a goal of zero waste."

Nelson Mayor, John Dooley

Limited Time Only!

Our next round of Pilot projects will be launching as of Q4 2021 -
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