Compost Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Compost Problems

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Supporting Sources: Planet Natural | Gardeners | Gardening Know-How

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Compost Smells Like Eggs

Compost Smells Like Ammonia

Compost Won't Heat Up

Compost Is Too Wet/Leaking

Compost is Attracting Animals/Pests

Compost End-Product Is Too Thick/Chunky

Compost Pile Is Smoking

If you've ever walked past your compost pile and thought, hm, something doesn't seem quite right here - then you're not alone.

While not particularly complex, composting is an inexact science and can go seriously wrong when you least expect it.

This article is a super-simple walkthrough of common compost problems, and their solutions.

1. Your Compost Smells Like Eggs

Nope, it's not an egg-salad sandwich, unfortunately.

If your compost smells like last week's eggs - or something else distinctly rotten - than this means that your compost pile is not getting enough oxygen.