Webinar Presents FoodCycler Municipal Solutions to BC Municipalities

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

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What's the Problem? Food waste!

Whose Problem Is It Anyways?

What Solutions Are Available & Why Aren't They Enough?

Why FoodCycler?

Does It Work in the Real World?

Last week, FoodCycler presented a webinar about one of the greatest challenges faced by municipalities across Canada as they seek to lower their carbon footprint and reduce waste management costs: food waste.

FoodCycler Director of Strategy, Alex Hayman led the webinar which focused on municipalities in British Columbia. The webinar was well-attended, with approximately 20 participants from across BC.

We'd like to use this article as a summary of what we went over, and as an introduction to our solution to municipal food waste.

What's the problem?

To put it simply: food waste.

2.2 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in Canada - or 40% of all food produced domestically

(City of Toronto) (Global News)

Food waste rotting away in landfills is an environmental and infrastructural nightmare. When food waste is collected by the City alongside oth